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Stash Star Fabric helps you organize and track your collection of fabric. When you’re shopping, know which fabrics you already own and how much. Don’t pull out your heavy boxes of fabric when you start your next project – let Stash Star Fabric help you plan.

Flexible: save as much or as little information as you choose. Picture, name, color, pattern size, width or cut, yardage, fabric content, fabric type, purchase source, purchase date, price, designer name, collection, manufacturer, and free form notes.

Powerful: sort your collection by color, pattern size, width or cut, fabric content, fabric type, designer information, or manufacturer. Search all information, including your notes.

Configurable: control the options you use most often - choose your favorite cuts of fabric, fabric types, and fabric content. The complete list is always just a click away!

Give Tracker

Set and reach your charitable giving goals with Give Tracker.

Jumper Ultimate

Jump Rope workouts to stay fit, burn calories, and have fun.

Memory AV

Fun and educational card matching and memory game with a twist. You have to match both images and sound!

Memory Pop!

Fun and educational card matching and memory game with new variations. Download your free copy today!


Stash Star Pen lets your catalog your collection of writing instruments. From fountain pens, to gel pens, to copic markers and more, Stash Star Pen will let you log pictures of each pen along with the important details like tip size, color, price, location, and more. Everything you need to manage your collection.


Stash Star Project lets your track all your creative projects. From quilting to woodworking, sewing to ceramics, Stash Star Project has you covered.

States AV

This is a card matching game and memory game for US States, Canadian Provinces, and Mexican States.

Great For Kids: A good way to prepare for school and practice identifying the states.

Challenging: It's harder than you think! Give it a try and see how you do!

Master of Nations

Learn the nations of the world.

More Fun Than School: Master of Nations will teach you how to find the nations on a world map in just 25 lessons. We recommend completing one lesson a day, but feel free to work at your own speed.

So Much To Learn: There are 195 member nations of the United Nations. Master of Nations covers over 160 of the biggest countries. Some small countries, mostly tiny island nations, are not included.


Organize your craft supplies.

Configurable. Powerful. Easy To Use: Stash Star Craft helps you organize and track your crafting supplies. When you’re shopping, know what items you already own. Don’t dig through boxes of craft supplies when you start your next project—let Stash Star Craft help you plan.